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About Blessed To


How many people do you walk past in a day?

From the moment you hop on the bus, get your breakfast fix and head into your class or office you could have easily passed over 50 people. (More if you are in a big city!)

A crowd of possibilities

Now imagine how much the world could change if we sent them silent pieces of encouragement or inspiration? What if Christians could share messages of hope to everyone they meet?

Welcome toblessedto online Christian store

Blessed to serves people who are looking to share their faith, people like you. We want you to be a blessing to the people you meet and empower you as you share your faith—even in the most awkward situations.

 Through faith-based apparel, accessories, housewares, and gifts all with encouraging Christian images and messaging, Blessed to wants to work with you to change the world.

Blessed to has over 160 fans, more than 50 designs that produce 150+ products all inspired by the bible.

Besides creating inspired clothing, housewares, and gifts, Blessed to is actively looking for new ministries to support with a portion profits of each sale.


“How do I join?”

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About the founder, Junie


Hey there! I’m Junie. I create products for people looking to put their faith to work. My goal is to help people share their faith naturally, while adding style and comfort. I’ve organized events sharing God’s love to over 1,000 students on a secular university campus and did mission work in a Muslim nation. Now, I want to bring that spirit of service and mission to you!

When I’m not encouraging others in their faith, I’m working on economic research that address key issues like development, trade and labor markets or volunteering for a local cause. I also love long-boarding, snowboarding (though I didn’t see snow until I was 20!), swimming, hiking, kayaking… you get the idea.

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